MBA Program Details

At Versatile Business School, we follow a system in such a way that each semester of MBA has blend of programs to equip the students to get the necessary skill sets for placements.

Orientation Program:

At Versatile Business School we commence the MBA course with Orientation Program. The orientation program starts in the month of July and extends till august 15th of the year of admission. Orientation Program covers the following broad areas.

  1. Breaking the ice sessions
  2. Understanding the positive side of oneself
  3. Management through Spirituality
  4. Management games
  5. Team building Exercises
  6. Basics of communication
  7. Basics of commerce and management
  8. General knowledge sessions
  9. Improving self confidence
  10. Management stories.
  11. Video and Audio sessions
  12. Excellence in Computer Program
  13. Industry visit

First Semester:

In addition to Regular MBA program syllabus in the first semester the following value added programs are delivered.

  1. Special programs for Communication Skills and Personality Development
  2. Soft skills
  3. Learning SPSS Package
  4. Participation in various management meets at state and national levels.
  5. Training on Field work projects and presentations
  6. Projects on Industry Review and Business Tycoons
  7. Industrial visits.

Second semester:

In addition to Regular MBA program syllabus in the second semester the following value added programs are delivered.

  1. Participation in various Workshops organized by Versatile in the functional areas of management.
  2. Special programs on Presentations Skills
  3. Book reviews
  4. Entrepreneurship development programs
  5. Corporate Social responsibility Project
  6. Interaction with experts in various industries at management topics
  7. Industrial visit

Third Semester:

The following Value added programs are delivered in the Third semester.

  1. Mentoring Program
  2. Aptitude test Preparation
  3. Group discussions and Interview skills training
  4. Mock interview sessions
  5. Preparation of CV
  6. Join as interns in top companies for a period of 3 month in one of the specialization.

Top Companies from various domains namely Automobile, Banking, FMCG, Real Estate, Media, Construction, Insurance, Software, Logistics, Financial Services, visit our campus for selection of students for internship cum placements.

Fourth Semester:
  1. Students start the live projects in the top notch selected companies in the second specialization for a period of 4 months.
  2. Acceptance of the placement offered by the company and join on rolls on completion of the MBA program.