Architect & Author

Architect - ‘Versatile’

Dr.S.RM.Sokkalingam, erstwhile senior banker in ICICI Bank, had 30 years of rich experience in banking. Later he was Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies in acclaimed Engineering Colleges around Chennai over seven years. He did his MBA from Thiagarajar School of Management and Ph.D. from Periyar University, Salem on a thesis ‘A Study on the Employability Skills of MBA Students in Engineering Colleges’.

Considering the limitations in designing industry oriented curriculum for management courses in the existing system and inspired by teaching courses on business management, Dr. Sokkalingam decided to found a business school and thus ‘Versatile’ emerged in 2009.

His passion is training and development. Bearing in mind to train candidates on communication and soft skills he founded ‘Versatile Corporate Solutions’ in 2012 and trained over 15000 students and corporate employees on communication and soft skills programs. Versatile Corporate Solutions, the training arm of ‘Versatile’ is certified by the University of Cambridge, UK to prepare candidates for their various English exams. One of his flagship training program ‘Speak English Effortlessly in 3-days’ guarantees a minimum of 75% of the participants to speak in English at ease at the end of the program and normally achieve 90% participant satisfaction. L&T and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries consistently rated his training programs ranging between 81 and 93% since 2012.

Author: ‘The Art of Speaking English’

Dr. S. RM. Sokkalingam has authored the book titled ‘The Art of Speaking English’. It was published in April, 2010. ‘The Hindu’ acknowledged this book in its ‘Book Review’ on 31.08.2010. It has received many accolades since then. The fourth thoroughly revised edition was published in September, 2018. It is rich in content, well spaced with attractive typeset, printed in a top-quality paper and well bound with a beautiful wrapper akin to international standards. Twenty-five thousand copies were sold since its original publication. The user of this book neither requires a dictionary nor assistance to read this book and practically it can be read in two days. Many readers enjoyed reading it as a novel.