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Alagappa University was brought into existence by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985 and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. It is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), as well as the member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). The University is having International Collaborations with Universities/Institutions of Higher Learning in countries like U.S.A, UK, Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia and South Korea.

Alagappa University is the first State University in Tamil Nadu to obtain A+ grading with CGPA of 3.64. It is one among ten universities in India to get Rs.100 crore each for two years under MHRD – RUSA 2.0 Scheme in 2019. Obtained ‘Autonomous Status’ and placed 10th among 60 institutions in the country announced by MHRD. Owing to these achievements, Alagappa University is the only State University in Tamil Nadu which fulfilled all the requirements of MHRD in the context of providing quality higher education.

MBA - 2 Year Courses

Versatile Business School, a top Premier Business School in Chennai established in the year 2009,
Offers two year regular MBA courses.

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MBA - Industry Integrated

2 Year
Versatile Business School, a top Premier Business School in Chennai established in the year 2009, Offers two year regular MBA courses.

Semester 1

1. Accounting for Decision Making
2. Business Communication
3. Economics for Managers
4. Marketing Management
5. Organizational Behaviour
6. Quantitative Techniques
7. Leadership-I (Lab)

Semester 3

1. Summer Internship and Project
2. Strategic Management
3. Project Management
4-5 Any two - Allied courses
6-8 Any three from specialization:
    • Marketing • Finance
    • HR • Operations
    • System

Semester 2

1. Business Research Methods
2. Corporate Finance
3. Global Business Environment
4. Human Resource Management
5. Leadership-II (Lab)
6. Operations Management

MBA - Business Analytics

2 Year Course

Semester 1

1. Management Concepts and Practices
2. Accounting for Business Analysts
3. Spreadsheet Modeling
4. Statistics for Business
5. Economic Analysis for Business Decision
6. Research Methodology
7. Written Analysis and Communication

Semester 3

1. DBMS and Data Warehousing
2. Multivariate Data Analysis-I
3. Time Series Econometrics
4. Data Mining for Business Analytics
5. Internship and Report
6. Business Law and Ethics

Semester 2

1. Marketing Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Financial Management
4. Project Management and Budgeting
5. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
6. Fundamentals of Business Analytics
7. Consumer Behaviour

Semester 4

1. Multivariate Data Analysis-II
2. Predictive Modeling using SAS
3. Analytics with R
4. Big Data Analytics
5. Project Work and Viva-voce

2-year MBA Business Analytics + 6-months Data Science Professional
CTC Rs.3-6 lakh in 6-months - ROI 150-200% in 2 years

Major Job Roles:

▪ Data Scientist
▪ Business Analyst
▪ Data Analyst
▪ ML Engineer
▪ NLP/Deep Learning Engineer
▪ Database Engineer

Assessment Weightage: Quiz-20% & Exam-40% & Assignment-40%

▪ Excel
▪ Tableau
▪ SQL-Structured Query Language
▪ Math for Data Science
▪ Python
▪ Machine Learning

Road Map - Learning Path in Data Science Course

▪ Foundation Session 1:1
▪ Live Sessions 1:1 – 2days, 2 hours each at week ends
▪ Placement Training 1:1 – Counselling Sessions by industry experts
▪ Final Placement: Several placement opportunities shall be provided
▪ The candidates shall be placed in the following companies or related companies:

▪ Impact guru
▪ Toppr
▪ Byjus
▪ Cuemath

▪ Glossaread
▪ Climate connect
▪ Crmnext
▪ Wipro


2-year MBA with opportunity to work from day-1

‘Versatile’ shall provide jobs in HR or Marketing by a separate MOU entered with the respective
recruiting company as soon as admission process is over:
▪ Employment is subject to test and interview by the recruiting company
▪ Salary shall range between 10-15k depending on the ability of the candidate
▪ Employment is available during the tenure of study and if satisfactory beyond
▪ On the job training in HR or Marketing shall be provided by the recruiting company and the
     MBA course shall be conducted by ‘Versatile’
▪ Advantage:
    ▪ Gain two year work experience while you complete MBA
    ▪ Recover the amount more than paid in the first 2 years

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