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MBA – Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing

About Course

Digital Marketing has completely changed the dimension of marketing in today’s world . It has enabled the marketing process to penetrate every nook and corner of the earth, thanks to  the unrelenting growth of smartphones. Any company or service provider failing to embrace this platform is bound to fail miserably. Post  covid era has rejuvenated and accelerated digital platforms and opened the floodgates for employment.

MBA-Digital Marketing in chennai

MBA Digital Marketing

Versatile Business School, a top Premier Business School in Chennai established in the year 2009, offers two year regular MBA in Digital Marketing

‘Versatile’ provides an unique opportunity to its students to have on the job training in industries for a minimum of six months during their 2-year study. 

‘Versatile’ offers part/full-time job at the time of admission, after six months and after completion of the course as the case may be.

A separate placement division under a director shall ensure placements according to the type of courses the students enrolled. ‘Versatile’ entered  MoUs with a few top recruitment companies to train and place its students as well. 

2-year MBA with opportunity to work from day-1

‘Versatile’ shall provide jobs in HR or Marketing by a separate MOU entered with the respective recruiting company as soon as admission process is over:
▪ Employment is subject to test and interview by the recruiting company
▪ Salary shall range between 10-15k depending on the ability of the candidate
▪ Employment is available during the tenure of study and if satisfactory beyond
▪ On the job training in HR or Marketing shall be provided by the recruiting company and the MBA course shall be conducted by ‘Versatile’
▪ Advantage:
    ▪ Gain two year work experience while you complete MBA
    ▪ Recover the amount more than paid in the first 2 years

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