Migration Abroad

Prospects to learn IELTS – PTE – TOEFL – BEC in campus with assistance to migrate abroad

Communication Skills

Speak and Write English Effortlessly

Acquire fluency in English speaking and writing skills. Brush-up grammar, practice pronunciation, build vocabulary and speak extempore with interactive classes or one-to-one coaching.

English Reading Skills in 6-hours

Complete course to improve reading speed, identify statements, answer objective questions, fill the gap and extract information, identify false statements and improve sentences.

Advanced English-Speaking Skills in 18-hours

This course will make you remarkably effective in attending interviews, giving presentations, delivering public speaking, business negotiations, writing emails, letters, proposals and handling day to day formal communication. You will be exposed to advanced grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation, framing questions & answering, small talk and speaking with flavour.

Soft Skills
Corporate & Educational Institutions
Outbound or in-house Training

Team Building

Developing a team, leading and managing teams with vision, values and ethics and team building activities

Developing Positive Attitude

Positive vs. Negative thinking - Handling criticism, aggression and conflict - Body language - Benefits of positive attitude

Behavioural Training

There are several interesting behavioural topics. Program can be tailor made to suit the need of the respective clients

Time Management & Decision Making

Importance, value and benefits of time management - Setting priorities and tips on avoiding major time wasters - Practical tips on efficient time management

Content Writing in 24-hours

Tips on improving writing - Complete training on content writing, report writing, e-publishing, editing & proof reading, and blog writing.

Communication & Interview Skills

Basic grammar, vocabulary, and the ability to answer questions appropriately- Complete guidance to prepare resumes, imparting skills on presentation, GDs, do’s and don’ts of the interview process with mock rounds and performance evaluation

Soft Skills Topics – Educational Institutions

There are twenty topics. Importantly, Body Language, Time Management, Positive Thinking & Confrontation, Telephone Skills, Power Dressing, Managing Differences, Managing for Excellence, Group Discussion, Debates, Effective PowerPoint Presentations Thinking Out of the Box etc.

Faculty Empowerment Program

Innovation in teaching and learning, preparing class notes, value-based knowledge, classroom challenges, counselling, mentoring skills and evaluation & feedback

Faculty Development Program - New Recruits

Advanced - Faculty Empowerment Program

Corporate Training​

Advanced Business English Writing Skills

Making sentences, spotting errors & sentence improvement, paragraph writing, comprehension, listening and note taking, business letters & reports, memos, proposals, circulars and e-mails

Soft Skills Topics - Corporate

Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques, Techniques of Cross Cultural Communications, Enjoying the Life and Job, Different Ways to Motivate Staff, Managing Relationships and Corporate Presentations. Download for the list of topics

Leadership Development

Body Language

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